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Stacey started tattooing in February of 1992 and after working at a few different places in Pennsylvania and here on Long Island, she joined us here at Inkpulsive in June 2009.

In the beginning, she was looking for something productive to do with her art but being a free spirit, didn’t want to go into a (confining) commercial art field. The opportunity presented itself through a friend and she just went with the flow. She had what most would consider a rocky beginning and feels very fortunate to have gotten as far as she has.

Stacey enjoys the freedom to be able to create without boundary or limitation of logic. She has fun with her art and feels that it shows in the work she does. She is constantly working to improve her art and tends to be her own worst critic, but believes that it keeps her moving forward creatively. Among her most loved artists and earliest influences are Boris Vallejo, Brian Froud & Wendy Pini. After gaining access to the internet, she was able to view the work of countless artists who have continued to inspire her.

She thrives on freedom of expression and is able to capture most ideas and concepts easily. Her least favorite things to work with are designs without flow or depth (of meaning as well as sight)… She concentrates her energy more on fantasy art designs, intricate and flowing, rather than rigid objects such as bio-mechanical and technical drawings. Because of this, she tends to ‘take over’ whole body parts to adapt the flow of the piece to the body (placement and flow is everything). She dislikes doing the same thing over and over.

Stacey’s favorite subjects to work with are fantasy, faeries and freeflowing art… pieces that compliment the body and soul. Art with feeling and meaning is more likely to inspire her. She prefers to work with color but is willing to admit that some pieces may look better in black and grey. Her personal art style tends to be elegant, detailed, swirly and fun. Stacey enjoys doing custom work but is capable of working with almost any reference material a client may provide. She also finds covering and/or refurbishing old work to be a challenge…

Stacey works well with clients who keep an open mind… those who have faith in her abilities and those who don’t stifle her creativity. (As well as those who don’t mind giving up a body part or two…)

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