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Creating Art for Life!

About Inkpulsive
Receiving your tattoo should be a creative experience!
InkPulsive opened it's doors to the public on May 9th 2009.
We thrive on creativity and originality and our shop is state-of-the-art, clean, brightly lit, open, airy and comfortable.
We've created an inviting and artsy establishment where we can design anything you have in mind.
Privacy is always available to those getting work done in personal areas.
Come enjoy a better body art experience and get the image of your dreams!
InkPulsive is staffed by three full-time artists who specialize in custom work.
Don't be impulsive, be Inkpulsive!
We are currently actively building this website... while your waiting for it to be finished,
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Updates and information about Inkpulsive.com will be posted there.
Take a little peek inside our studio... adventure awaits.
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